Anonymous asked:

So I'm scared for high school I'm scared I'm not going to make friends and be sitting alone at lunch

souldewolftyla answered:

What’s wrong with sitting alone at lunch? I did that most of my high-school and middle school years to be honest. And I don’t see it as anything wrong. Making friends is great but don’t ever think you NEED friends, you don’t. You’re going to school for education. When you get sidetracked and distracted and your grades start to go down because you’re worried about what people think of you and you fein for friends and more…you’ll hate the outcome you will receive coming out of high school. Just be yourself and get good grades, as corny as it sounds, you’ll definitely thank me later. Being a “nerd” is not a bad thing, those “nerds” will be rich one day. And all those “cool kids” will be working for those “nerds”.